Platform Video Course

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Videos in this course are:


1. Getting all setup, building the level.

We start off by building a level with our blocks/tiles.  Adding solid behaviors and working with a grid and snap to grid to make everything line up.

2. I need a hero!

In this video we create our hero and put in all of his animations with the provides graphics.

3. How about some animation!

We link the hero’s animations to controls for jumping, walking and running.

4. Breakable blocks and bonus blocks.

Here we make breakable blocks break and bonus blocks give a coin.

5. We need a bad guy.

We create an enemy and make it react to the level with some basic AI

6. We must squash!

In this video our hero learns how to squash the enemy with a powerful jump.

7a and 7b. What’s down here?

In these video we create a tunnel that the hero can go down and wind up in a bonus room full of coins.  He then comes back up a different tunnel.

8. Gotta get that high score!

This video we add a global score and create the end of the level.

9. How about some sound?

We add sound to our game, and that’s a wrap!


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