Melissa Elizabeth – 5/5 – Beginner Game Development Course

Worth every penny! This was a great intro course!

Ed’s videos are extremely detailed and the screen-casts are done at just the right pace. My only recommendation would be to have a screenshot or something showing the events page at the end. I don’t have a solid background in programming, so when Ed spoke and said, you are going to use these numbers from this to this I kept putting x-x (instead of x,x) and if you are not in the HD video it could throw you off because you cannot discern punctuation from one to the other. Another reason would be that when Ed either moved or copy and pasted an event at one point, I forgot to get rid of it on my end which took me a little time to figure out what I needed to delete.

Jason Cooke – 5/5 – Beginner Game Development Course

Excellent, good coverage of everything

A very well planned and thought out course with just the right level of detail to get you up and running with Construct 2.

 Aaron Burton – 5/5 – Mobile Monetization Course

Excellent Course!!!

This was a very well layed out course. Construct 2 ads had been getting on my nerves but this course truly helped me understand. Very straight forward material. 5/5 stars on this one. He even gives you an image resizer that comes in handy when you want to export to other devices. Over all an excellent course! Thanks! !!!

Nick Lunt – 5/5 – Infinite Flyer Course

Great Tutorial

Just finished Ed’s course and I have to say it was well worth the money. I’ve learnt a lot about Construct 2, and now have the confidence to put something together myself. The added Intro screen and high score videos are great additions to an already great course. And I loved the attention paid to functions in Construct 2. I highly recommended this course for Construct 2 newbies/intermediates.

 Jason Cooke – 5/5 – Platformer Course

Very precise instructions delivering as promised

As a new user of construct 2 I was really pleased with the descriptions and approach of all the actions.

 Tarmizi – 5/5 – Platformer Course

Very Good. But Need Downloadable Videos or PDF

My internet connection might not be very good thus the videos quality looks poor within my browser. It is highly appreciated if there are videos or pdf guide so that student can refer when they unable to learn through videos only.

Author responded to my question which is a plus point to this course.

 Angelina Davydova – 5/5 – Platformer Course

Really nice course and very-very useful!

I am a beginner in Construct 2 and this course was really useful for me. Thank you Ed!

Allen Kaganovsky – 4/5 – Infinite Flyer Course

Worth it

Good tutorial on setting up inf-side scroller game.

Champaklal Patel – 5/5 – Infinite Flyer Course

Nice and Easy

Wondering what I have learnt to do with this tutorial. I have created scrolling back of stars and other things I always wanted to do, Thanks Ed

 Tarmizi – 5/5 – Mobile Monetization Course

Clear Videos and Very Helpful Tutor

Ed has done a great job by zooming crucial details within his videos, which has helped me tremendously due to my poor Internet connection. He also responded to any queries.

 Angelina Davydova – 5/5 – Beginner Game Development Course


That was really fun!! I loved this course. Looking forward to the next one! Thank you ;)

 Jose Miguel Infante – 4/5 – Beginner Game Development Course

Very helpful

Thanks a lot for the tutorials. They were extremely helpful. But I think the only thing you miss was to explain a little bit more where everything is located on C2 and how actions work.

 Cory Rammer – 5/5 – Mobile Monetization Course

Concise and very helpful!

I’m very glad I took this course. $29 is NOTHING compared to the time you will spend trying to figure this stuff out on your own. Thank you!

 Adnan Hasbi – 5/5- Platformer Course

Great Course and Truly Enjoyed it

Thanks so much for making it fun and enjoyable

 Pedro Javier Bernal Martínez – 5/5 – Platformer Course

Amazing course!!!

I´m newbie in Construct 2 game development. This course is an easy way to learn basics in Construct 2 game development and how to organize your work. Also, great tips for platformer old-school games.

Tim Smith – 5/5 – Mobile Monetization Course

Amazingly helpful!

This course has really helped me to understand how to monetize my apps. You’re guided through each step, in a way that’s very easy to follow, making this course suitable for anyone!

 Exene Tejano – 4/5 – Beginner Game Development Course

I’m so glad I took this course, it’s doesn’t cover everything because it’s just a beginner class, but I use to be intimidated by game development. Now programs such as Construct 2 don’t seem as scary. I felt that it was worth it.

 Kawana Wallace – 5/5 – Beginner Game Development Course

Great Tutorial

Awesome tutorial. Would recommend to anyone wanting to get their foot into construct 2. A++

 Champaklal Patel – 5/5 – Platformer Course

Very good teacher

I am 65 and if this course is easy for me to do. I think all young people will learn lot. Thanks ed

 Mark Conforti – 4/5 – Platformer Course

Good refresher

I had messed around in Construct 2 almost half a year ago and wanted to get back into it. This class was a perfect refresher. It was a little fast paced but since I already had a grasp of how Construct 2 worked it wasn’t too hard to follow along. Just had to rewind a few times. For a true newbie, it might be a bit much.

 Tom Boyles – 5/5 – Beginner Game Development Course

Been wanting to learn Construct 2…

Ed’s course on Beginning Game Development with Construct 2 made this far more easy than I expected. Felt as though I was hanging with Ed at the computer and building a game with him to learn the program. Thanks Ed.

 Ken – 5/5 – Beginner Game Development Course

A great introduction to Construct 2!

Ed walks the student through all elements during the development of this game. He also explains the programming strategies used, from a game engineer’s perspective and this is very helpful to someone without programming experience. The video tutorial approach is a great way to learn complex information as well! If I missed something, I could just go back in the video timeline and correct my setup to match. I learned a lot from this tutorial and will get his other 2 courses.

 Debora Kerr – 5/5 – Platformer Course

Platform Basics – Excellent Course

Taking this course gave me so many ideas for variations of platform games. The instructor covered so much in a very easy to understand format. I highly recommend this class.

 James Wadman – 5/5 – Platformer Course

Review of Platform Game Creation

I found that Ed is very good at getting his point across and goes into a lot of detail, explaining what things do what, so you’re not just copying him, but you are actually learning, 3/4 the way through I could guess what would need to be done to complete the game and that is just from watching the small portion of the lectures.

Thanks Ed for creating a helpful guide at creating a platform game!

 Steve Williams – 5/5 – Beginner Game Development Course

Really good introduction to Construct

This is a really useful course for those wanting to learn the basics of Construct. Instructions are really clear and friendly. I will be taking Ed’s other courses because of this.

 Debora Kerr – 5/5 - Beginner Game Development Course

Great Introduction to Construct 2

This is a very enjoyable course that hits the key features of the Construct 2 game design platform. Functions are demonstrated in a practical manner to give students a basic understanding of how to build a game.

 Pedro VieiraDebora Kerr – 5/5 - Beginner Game Development Course

Simple and professional

I enjoyed attending the course. I know little about Construct 2 and really helped me to break the initial barrier that is a new and different software.


 Peter Byrne – 5/5 – Platformer Course

Very good course using Construct 2….!

I have found this course to be very intuitive & have learned a lot from it. The lessons are very easy to follow & the course lecturer is very helpful in responding to questions etc…

If you are starting out in game design like myself, construct 2 is an excellent program for beginners & i highly recommend this course to help get you started…

Well worth it…!






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