Infinite Flyer Course Info

Videos in this course are:


1. Making the background move.

We start off by making the background appear to move for infinity.  This is the corner stone of any infinite runner or flyer type of game.

2. We all need a hero!

We create our hero, add his animations and make him to fly (and fall) using Touch controls.

3. Timer, Coins and Bugs, Oh my!

We create a timer to keep track of how long our player lasts, we add in some coins to collect and a bug that is used for a power up.

4. My first FUNCTION()

Functions are an important part of any programming language, even in Construct 2, where you don’t program at all.  Or do you???

5. Birds, Electric Eels, and more functions.

We have to have some bad guys to make the game interesting.  Oh, and I throw in some more function.

6. Have I mentioned how awesome functions are?

Oh yeah, more functions.  They are so darn useful and easy to use.

7. Clean up and increasing difficulty over time.

We clean up the game a bit and add the element of difficulty.  In this game, the game will get increasingly harder the long the player lives.

Bonus Video 1

I will show an alternate way to make your player fly/fall

Bonus Video 2

We will create a Title Screen

Bonus Video 3

This video will walk through the steps of creating a Top 10 High Score table using local storage.


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